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The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

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Uncle John's Woodshop
Uncle John's Woodshop
Pricing for our Quality Furniture

  • *Price of Wine Barrel Table may fluctuate due to barrel availability and price.
  • 50% deposit required at time of order.
  • Prices do not include 6% sales tax or shipping/handling costs.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
US Dollars
Adirondack Style Kiln Dried Cypress
Standard Chair 326.00
Standard Footrest 85.00
Love Seat Glider-Standard 4` 604.00
Love Seat-Standard 4` 483.00
Love Seat Footrest 140.00
Garden Style Kiln Dried Cypress
Garden Chair 326.00
Garden Style Rocker 20" or 23" seat width 376.00
Garden Style Coffee Table 15"Hx36"L 280.00
Garden Table-46"-accomodates 4 chairs-standard height 800.00
Garden Love Seat-Standard 44`-add $100 for each add`l foot 483.00
Garden Love Seat Glider-Standard 44`-add $100 for each add`l foot 650.00
Swing frame-Only A Frame style-add $100 for each add`l foot 660.00
Rollback Style Swing-4` standard-includes chains-add $100 for each add`l foot-frame extra 604.00
A-frame style swing and frame package-standard 4`-add $100 for each add`l foot 1247.00
Standard Dining Set-46" Round-w/ 4 chairs 1695.00
High Top Square Dining Set-w/ 4 chairs 1695.00
High Top Table w/pedestal base-46" round-accomodates 4 chairs 800.00
High Top Dining Chair w/o arms-20" width-each 280.00
Director`s Furniture Kiln Dried Cypress
Directors Fixed Chair-20" width 356.00
Directors Folding Chair-20" width 410.00
Director`s Folding Side Table 241.00
Director`s Side Table 241.00
George-Directors Double Chair and Table Combo 775.00
Other Pricing Kiln Dried Cypress
Square Side Table 20" top 140.00
Chaise Lounge 549.00
36" Round Trestle Table-20" H 261.00
36" Round Trestle Table-28" H 290.00
Lattice Swing Frame Only-standard 4`-add $100 for each add`l foot 1188.00
Lattice Frame and Swing Package-4` standard-add $100 for each add`l foot 1750.00
*Wine Barrel Table-Round Top-40" Height-54" diameter-seats 6 chairs 1100.00
*Wine Barrel Table w/4 Chairs 1998.00
*Wine Barrel Table w/6 Chairs 2502.00
6 Ft Rectangular Dining Table 1100.00
8 Ft Rectangular Dining Table 1400.00
42" Square Top Dining Table 800.00
Hexagon Dining Table-64" diameter 1100.00
17" Wide Dining Chair w/o Arms 225.00
20" Wide Dining Chair w/o Arms 250.00
20" Wide Dining Chair w/Arms 300.00
4` Park Style Bench w/o Arms 400.00
6` Park Style Bench w/o Arms 560.00
4` Park Style Bench w/ Arms 450.00
6` Park Style Bench w/ Arms 610.00
4` Dining/Hallway/Entryway Bench 300.00
6` Dining/Hallway/Entryway Bench 400.00


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